Published On: Sun, Aug 27th, 2017

Star Wars 8: Who exactly IS The Last Jedi? Answer CONFIRMED here?

All signs had initially pointed to Luke Skywalker – and he was even referred to as the last Jedi in the opening crawl of Episode 7 – but still debate raged.

At one point there was even a question as to whether the word Jedi was singular or plural.

However, a poster on Reddit has uncovered the answer on the back of an official toy box.

The text on the packaging reads: “At long last, Rey has found Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi Master in the galaxy.

“Hoping to find a hero of legend, she must unlearn what she has learned as Skywalker challenges her expectations.”

The person who posted the box to Instagram, @swrogue507, wrote: “The text in The Back of the Rey Figure Box, said the last Jedi is Luke.”

So it appears to be settled – Luke is the Last Jedi.

But will it stay that way, or will he train Rey up enough to carry the baton?

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