Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2018

Stitch's Great Escape Has Closed Forever

Despite tight lips from Disney officials, the Twitter-verse has confirmed that Stitch’s Great Escape, a theater-in-the-round type attraction at Disney’s Magic Kingdom has closed as of January 6.

The closure is not a complete surprise.

The attraction became a seasonal one—ie, open only when the park is very busy—two years ago, a sign that it was possibly headed for the chopping block. Rumors started swirling in earnest last month, when Disney failed to list official hours for the attraction past January 6.

Not everyone is lamenting the attraction’s demise, with many, including Travel + Leisure, calling it Disney World’s worst attraction ever.

While the closing was never announced or confirmed by Disney, fans took the rumors to heart, and many lined up for what they believed would Stitch’s final-ever escape. Those who did get to enjoy the attraction’s final moments were also treated to some unique behind-the-scenes photo opportunities.

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There’s been no information yet as to what will replace the attraction, although rumors of a Wreck-it Ralph attraction in its place have been around since 2016.

While Stitch may have taken his final tour, there is plenty of magic on tap for Walt Disney World, including a new aerial transportation system and a much-anticipated interactive Star Wars hotel.

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