Published On: Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

The Dark Tower: Idris Elba reveals REAL reason he signed up – as critics SLAM movie

The movie has been eviscerated by critics, with an overall approval rating of only 18% on Rotten Tomatoes at present.

But speaking to Seth Meyers on his US chatshow last night, Elba explained why exactly he took the role of The Gunslinger.

“I’m a fan of Stephen King,” he said. “He’s a little dark! The Shining, I was a fan of.

“I wanted to be in a blockbuster, I wanted to play a big hero in a film. And who better for than Stephen King?”

He quipped: “They cast me because Stephen King wanted Clint Eastwood and said, ‘who looks like Clint Eastwood?’ Blatantly me!”

The Luther star also had high praise for his co-star Matthew McConaughey, who plays The Man In Black.

“Matthew’s great, it’s very different: stoic, evil guy. He’s really good,” he enthused.

Still, critics haven’t been quite so positive.

The Wrap’s Dan Callahan said: “The 95-minute culmination of years-long efforts to bring The Dark Tower to the big screen is a complete disaster, a limp, barely coherent shell of a movie.”

Charles Bramesco of The Guardian also gave two stars, calling it a “uniquely flavourless slog”.

The Dark Tower is out in the UK on August 18.

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