Published On: Tue, Aug 15th, 2017

Tom Cruise’s craziest movie stunts: From Mission Impossible to The Mummy – WATCH

On Sunday the 55-year-old actor attempted his latest stunt for Mission Impossible 6.

Filming in Blackfriars, London, Cruise leapt from one roof top to another, only to slam into the slide of a building.

Reportedly he went away with two broken bones in his ankle and has had to

Despite the slip up, Cruise is renowned for performing his own stunts and to celebrate the release of his latest movie, American Made, here are some of the best from the last few years.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol – Climbing / running down the Burj Khalifa 

Attached to a harness, Cruise actually jumped out of a window on the tallest building in the world, running along and crawling up it.

The scene took eight days to film in Dubai and saw the actor hanging from 1700 ft up.

The Mummy – Zero Gravity

Remember that scene in the trailer and early on in the movie when Cruise is flying around a crashing plane? That was real.

The star went up in a Zero-G flight that was 25,000 ft high. It took many takes and saw the cast and crew throwing up.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation – Hanging off the side of a plane 

In the opening scene for the last Mission Impossible movie, Cruise literally hung on to the side of a plane taking off – and he did it eight times.

Knight and Day – Motorbike Chase

In 2009 Cruise filmed a motorbike chase with his co-star Cameron Diaz.

The action hero drove along as the actress – or her stunt double – swung around onto his lap and fired bullets at the men in pursuit behind them.

Mission: Impossible 2 – Rock Climbing

This earlier Ethan Hunt outing had a similarly death defying opening when Cruise hung in a cruciform between two rocks, after jumping and slipping to an lower crevice.

American Made is released in UK cinemas on August 25, 2017.

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