Published On: Fri, Aug 25th, 2017

Tyron Woodley: No Way Jon Jones Is Done in UFC, Here's Why

Tyron Woodley

Jon Jones Ain’t Even Close to Done

… Here’s Why

8/25/2017 8:55 AM PDT


Tyron Woodley ain’t convinced Jon Jones took steroids … but if he did and has to sit out 4 YEARS, Tyron says Jon would still come back and DOMINATE.

That’s right — Woodley told us Jones is such a boss, he could reclaim his belt even if he’s benched through his prime. 

“Jon Jones is the only fighter on the roster that it wouldn’t be over for him. He’s 3 or 4 years ahead of the curb right now, for the (205 pound) division.”

“After Daniel Cormier, tell me one fighter who’s gonna compete with Jon Jones.”

FYI, Dana White estimates Jones could get hit with a 4 year ban … but he could serve less time (or no time) based on how his appeal goes.

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