Published On: Sun, Jan 7th, 2018

WATCH Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon KISS on TV tonight: We have the cheeky clip here

They are two of the hottest ladies in Hollywood.

Vergara frequently tops the lists of the sexiest women in the world and is never shy about flaunting her sexuality.

No wonder, then, that she takes the lead when a hesitant Witherspoon resists her amorous advances and when the first try isn’t passionate enough, the latin lover goes back for another go.

Forget va-va-voom, va-va-Vergara strikes again.

The scene is a hilarious moment from the buddy comedy about a mismatched pair on the run with a car boot full of cocaine.

When a redneck thug thraetens them with a gun, Vergara tries to convince him that they are lesbians and shouts: “I am her lover, this is her favourite position. Oo la la.”

If that is strange enough, the movie goes on to show Witherspoon crossdressing and looking disturbingly like Justin Bieber. 

The movie makes the most of the difference in heights between the statuesque latin beauty and her tiny co-star but gets the best material out of Vergara’s famously thick Colombian accent.

Even better is the blooper reel showing her struggling gamely with some tricky words like ‘accusation” and, ahem, “uterus.’


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