Published On: Wed, Aug 30th, 2017

Winds of Winter: Is the Night King one of the STARK children? How is that possible?

Season Seven of the HBO adaptation ended in a gripping finale which still left fans gasping to know more.

As the Night King finally crossed the Wall into the Seven Kingdoms, an eagle-eyed fan spotted a scene which may have huge implications for one Stark child.

In fact, it seems to confirm a terrifying major theory about how the leader of the White Walker army is connected to the Starks themselves in the most terrible way. In true Game of Thrones style, just when things were looking bad they may have just got even worse…

Will the Winds of Winter reveal the most shocking truth about Bran Stark?


A fan has posted a screen grab of the Night King’s army on the move.

Seen from above, the formation of the marching White Walkers spookily resembles the Stark sigil, the head of a wolf. There is no need to squint or play with the angles or use mystical visions or sight – it totally looks like the Stark banner. 

This cannot be a coincidence. Is it because the Night King is actually linked to one of the Starks in the most intimate way?

A prevailing fan theory is convinced that Brand and the Night King have become the same person or share a connected consciousness.

This is because Bran used his time travelling abilities to try and change the past .

He has the ability to ‘warg’ or enter the body of other creatures and tried to do so with a younger version of the Night King in order to prevent the terrible things that were to come. Instead his plan backfired in the most awful way.

Somehow the Night King fought back and trapped part of Brand’s consciousness and now they share a powerful and permanent link.

This is why Bran saw the Night King in the reflection during one of his earliest visions back in Season Four. This is how the Night King was able to penetrate the defences of the Greenseers’s cave with Brynden Rivers.

Is this why the Night King is heading for Winterfell?

If only we had Bran’s powers and could see into the future and find out what Georeg RR Martin is going to reveal next…

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